Quartz, Carnelian & Citrine Bracelet - B 263


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This bracelet is made of 15 mm angle cut saucer Clear Quartz beads with 11 mm faceted Carnelian & 9 mm Citrine beads & Silver spacers. The toggle clasp is Sterling Silver. The combined energies of these stones create a powerful & protective energy that can enhance your personal growth.

Metaphysical Properties:  Clear Quartz is the "Stone of Power". It is a Master crystal that may be used to harmonize, align, & amplify your energy & thoughts.  It can balance & facilitate thinking & communication. The Carnelian can increase perceptiveness, energy, creativity & compassion. It can protect against envy, fear & rage. It can also dispel apathy, passivity & sorrow. The Citrine does not hold negative energy, It can diminish fears & provide comfort & optimism.    

Size:  7.5 inches  (inner diameter)