• Purple agate with Pearl Necklace N 7534

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    This Purple Agate was found in Northern California. It has been polished & set in Sterling Silver wire. It is on a strand on 4 mm fresh water pearls. The pearls are in tones of blue, gray, purple & green. The pearls are small enough that the agate pendant can be removed to be worn on leather or chain. The pearl strand may also be worn separately or with another pendant. These various options add a lot of versatility. The lobster clasp & chain are also Sterling Silver.

    Metaphysical properties: The Agate pendant can help you to awaken your talents & provide inspiration by increasing your perceptiveness. It can also be used for self-reflection as it can stimulate analytical processing & precision in the process of self-examination. 

    Pearls are known as the "stone of sincerity". As with all pearls, they symbolize purity, faith & charity. They can help you with honest self-reflection as they hold they energy of innocence & personal integrity.

    Length: The necklace is 17 - 19 inches long with a center pendant that adds an additional 2.75 inches. (adjustable)