• Ancient Druzy Shell & Pearl Necklace N7537


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    Ordiri Fossil Shells are 300 million years old. They were unearthed in the Sahara desert. These ancient druzy shell were formed before the magnetic shift so they grew counter-clockwise. It is combined with complimentary bronze color fresh water pearls (7 mm) & accented with tiny (4 mm) color change andalusite garnet faceted beads.

    Metaphysical properties: The Ordiri shells carry the knowledge & love of the Ancients. The tiny druzy crystals magnify the energy present. It can help you to "unwind" from the stresses of life. It can also help you to unravel patterns from the past while using the wisdom of the Ancients to form new patterns that can propel you forward in your growth. 

    Pearls are known as the "stone of sincerity". As with all pearls, they symbolize purity, faith & charity. They can help you with honest self-reflection as they hold they energy of innocence & personal integrity.

    Length: The necklace is 19 - 22.5 inches long with a center pendant that adds an additional 1.25 inches. (adjustable)

    Matching earrings included. (1.2 inches)