• Mookaite Jasper - N 7491


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    This necklace has a center pendant of Mookaite Jasper from Australia. The beads are Botswana Agate (Africa) & Pink Opal (Peru). It has tiny accents of red garnet. The clasp & chain are Sterling Silver.

    Metaphysical Properties: The Mookaite Jasper focal pendant can assist you in dealing with negative situations. It can provide an impenetrable shield of protection from danger. It can also help you to be kind to yourself & others. It further assists you to change & grow emotionally. The accompanying beads add enhanced creativity, assistance in coping with stress & depression, and help releasing repressed emotions.

    Length: The main necklace is 21.25 - 24 inches long. The Center pendant adds 2 inches. (adjustable)