• Carnelian Necklace - N 3796


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    This carnelian necklace has a beautiful mix of color variations. Each bead is faceted to reflect light & add sparkle. It has a center banded color carnelian piece set in 14k gold-filled wire & accented with tiny 14 k gold-filled beads. The vibrant orange colors will dress-up any outfit. The lobster clasp is also 14k gold-filled. There is a piece of chain added to allow you to adjust the length according to your neckline. 

    Metaphysical properties: Carnelian can increase your perceptiveness, energy, creativity & compassion. It can protect you from envy, fear & rage. It can also help dispel apathy, passivity & sorrow. The orange color can stimulate emotions & Kundalini energy.

    Length: The main necklace is 17 - 19.5 inches long. The center pendant adds an additional inch. (adjustable)